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White Lion Athletics

Exercise Sandbag | (80lbs Adjustable)

Exercise Sandbag | (80lbs Adjustable)

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Training Sandbags: Adjustable 80lbs Sandbag

Sandbags: Rugged. Durable. Heavy Duty.

NOTE: Sand/Fill is NOT included.

Review our Limited Warranty  HERE

Visit our Sandbag Exercises and Sandbag Training BLOG 

Our YouTube Playlist HERE will have Sandbag Training videos  available for everyone.

The Best News First: What do you get?

  • 1 x 8 handle Shell Bag
  • 8 x Fillbags
  • White Lion Athletics sandbags are heavy duty, rugged, ultra-durable and easy to use for any sandbag workouts. 

Our exercise sandbag's dead weight is strangely satisfying to move.

This Sandbag is unforgiving: it doesn't want to be touched held, pull, or pushed.

The Sandbag is almost the Sloth of Fitness - it prefers to rest on the floor.

Any attempt to move it and you will see its weight shifting and it will pull you in ways way conventional weight loads do not. 

It's essentially a wrestling match with an unwieldy inanimate object. 

What can't I do with it? That's the question you'll be asking very soon.

Our sandbags are sold UNLOADED. You are buying the bags only there is NO FILL INCLUDED. Watch our How to Fill Your Sandbag Video HERE

Training with our Sandbags

White Lion Athletics strives the offer the most comprehensive instruction available.

Please visit our BLOG  HERE on sandbag training to learn how to safely train with your new sandbag bag.

You can also watch our training videos here . 

Please Note: 

Do pull, drag or push on concrete and other abrasive surfaces. Do not throw or slam or use as slam bag. Read LIMITED WARRANTY for FULL DETAILS

The weight of the White Lion Athletics' Sandbag depends on the density and size of the material used as FIll. Certain Fill material may cause the overall weight of the bag to be greater than (or less than) the estimated weight capacity of the fill bags. Due to the nature of the fabric and the directed use, the White Lion Athletics' Sandbags may expand over time with use.

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