FrostKit| Inspired by Crossfit Winnipeg


Inspired by our friends at Crossfit Winnipeg

The items in this kit have been selected so you will have everything you need to get ready to train. The lacrosse ball is perfect for the bottoms you feet, rotator cuff, calves and much more.  Our Black Resistance band (25-70lbs) is perfect doing  pull apart as well as joint mobilizations for ankle and wrist. Our Rocky Roller is dense, durable and will get into your quads, hamstrings, lower back and calves to make sure you are ready to work!

The Frost Kit can be easily packaged into your gym bag and taken anywhere you! Our 13" Hollow Core Foam Roller will easily store items inside of it - making more room in your gym bag

Do you want to know how to best use these tools? We have the instructional videos for you right here.

This KIT includes:

  • 1x  Rocky Roller (13")
  • 1x  41" Black Resistance Band
  • 1x  Lacrosse Ball

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