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Fully Functional (5kg Mace/ 8kg Club/20kg Kettlebell + 650ml Kettlebell Mug)

Fully Functional (5kg Mace/ 8kg Club/20kg Kettlebell + 650ml Kettlebell Mug)

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Fully Functional Training Kit 

Kettlebell training + Steel Mace training + Steel Club training: all in one place....and a 650ml Kettlebell Mug

If you are new  to these training tools but not new to strength training, this kit will help you explore the limits of your abilities ! The training options and possibilities with kit are almost endless!

Each of these can bring your training into multiple planes fo motion and increase the demands for flexibility, mobility and stability.  A full body workout is an understatement as you may "discover" muscles you never thought you had  - or ones you forgot about!

You will love learning all the ways you can train with these awesome training tools and seeing how versatile your strength can be.

What's in this Kit?

  • 1 x 5kg Steel Mace
  • 1 x 8kg Steel Club
  • 1 x 20kg Kettlebell
  • 1 x 650ml Kettlebell Mug
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