Kinesiology Tape| Muscle Tape | 7 Colors Available


Kinesiology Tape

Muscle tape is designed to replicate the weight and thickness of human skin, making this performance tape incredibly comfortable to wear through multiple workouts or events without losing its elasticity or adhesiveness. 


6 Uses for Kinesiology Tape:

  1. - Inhibition of hypertonic muscles
  2. - Fascial correction
  3. - Reducing pain & inflammation
  4. - Increasing sensitivity to sensory and proprioceptors
  5. - Decreasing risk of re-injury 
  6. - Increasing athlete confidence and reaction time

See our instructional videos to see Muscle Tape in action.

Material: Non-Latex, Hypoallergenic Elastic Cotton
Dimensions: 5cm x 5m  (2in x 16.4ft) 
Colors: Black, Camo, Red, Tan
Package includes: 
1 x Roll of Muscle Tape
***Caution: White Lion Athletics recommends having any medical or therapeutic products applied or directed by a physical therapist.

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