Mini Band 5Pack| 5 Resistance Levels


Mini Bands (12")

Not Your Average Mini Bands


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3 Common Problems with Mini Bands

  1. snapping
  2. rolling up the leg
  3. improper band placement and improper use

1. SnappingMost common reason for bands snapping is a combination of poor quality product or failure to provide the necessary information to user. We have addressed in this in two ways. The first being that our bands consistently tested for quality and we use high quality material. The second way is that we include instructions with our Mini Bands and we have many instructional videos to make sure you know how to best use our bands.

2. Rolling Up The Leg: Most often this occurs because the are too thin and they are placed too high above your knee. Optimal bands positions are just above the knees, just below the knee or on the ankles. Bands placed to far above the knee do very little in terms in creating any benefit.

3. Improper Band Placement and Improper Use: Most often occurs because there is not enough done to provide users with information on how to effectively use Mini Bands.

Mini Band Exercises

See our instructional videos (<- video link) for drills using your Mini Bands.Every training program can benefit from the versatility of Mini Bands. This 5Pack comes with five progressive resistances, perfect for developing your strength, endurance, stability and power.

The Mini Band 5Pack is graded as:

"Kitty"  -  6-8 lbs
"Leopard" -  9-11 lbs
"Cougar"  -  12-15 lbs
"Jaguar"  -   20-23 lbs
"Lion"  -       32-35 lbs 

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**Please note you may find a superficial glossy surface on your bands, this is normal due to the finishing process and will not affect the functionality of your band.


Mini Band Material: Natural Rubber Latex
Mini Band Dimensions: 2" x 12"
Colors: Red, Black, Purple, Green, Blue

Package includes: 
5 x Mini Bands
1 x Instructional Leaflet
1 x Carry Bag

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