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Mini Band Power Pack | The Heaviest Resistance Bands Available

Mini Band Power Pack | The Heaviest Resistance Bands Available

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Mini Bands (12")

The Strongest Mini Bands Available

Our Heavenly Winged Beauties
"Phoenix"...............40-75 lbs
"Pegasus" .............50-85 lbs
"Pink Unicorn" .....60-105 lbs

RESISTANCE RATED:  40lbs -100+lbs of resistance. Full LIVE TESTING video available on our FACEBOOK Page.  Looking for more Mini Bands? Check HERE

TESTED: We have personally test the tensile strength of these bands. When we say "personally" we mean we hooked them up to our testing device and watched the results with our eyes.

QUALITY: The highest standard that can be delivered in Mini Bands. No Fillers. 100% Latex.

You asked for it... so we delivered! The strongest mini-bands to ever wrap around your thighs have arrived.

This is the pack you want to take your lower body work to the final level. 
We could go on and on about what people keep saying about these bands, but we'll just let you experience them.

**Please note you may find a superficial glossy surface on your bands, this is normal due to the finishing process and will not affect the functionality of your band.

See our instructional videos for drills using your Mini Bands.

Mini Band Material: Natural Rubber Latex
Mini Band Dimensions: 2" x 12"
Colors: Phoenix Orange, Pegasus Grey, Pink Unicorn

Package includes: 
3 x Not so mini Mini Bands
1x Instruction Leaflet
1 x Red Carry Bag

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