Pull-ups Advanced - Resistance Bands Kit (Black/Purple/Green)


Monster Band Assisted Pull-Up Kit

Resistance Band Assisted Pull-Ups

"I want to do a pull-up!!" sound familiar?  Although these resistance bands alone will not help you with getting to your first body weight pull-up, when properly integrated into your strength training program with specific progressions, they will undoubtedly become awesome tools!

White Lion Athletics Resistance Bands are tough and durable to ensure they are providing you with the best strength training experience possible.

How Assisted Pull-Ups Work: How to Pick Your Bands

When using these for assisted pull-ups, you need to consider your own body weight and your current level of strength.

The resistance band will "assist you" by reducing the amount of weight you are pulling. The resistance band stretches under the weight of your body an lengthens. When you are arms are fully extended, that is the maximum distance you will stretch the resistance band. When the band stretches, it is being loaded with energy and that stored energy will be used to help you pull yourself up to the bar.

Getting closer to bodyweight pull-ups? The Advanced Pull-ups KIT will help you progress to just the bar. This versatile selection of Resistance Bands is not only great for Pull-ups, but for many other band exercises as well. Check out our video on 63 RT Band exercises for ideas!

This KIT includes:

  1. 1x BLACK Resistance Band (25-70LBS)
  2. 1x PURPLEResistance Band (40-120LBS)
  3. 1x GREEN Resistance Band (50-120LBS)

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