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Exercise Sandbag -60lbs Adjustable | Made in Winnipeg 🍁

Exercise Sandbag -60lbs Adjustable | Made in Winnipeg 🍁

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Training Sandbags: Adjustable 60lbs Sandbag

Sandbags: Rugged. Durable. Heavy Duty.


Visit our Sandbag Exercises and Sandbag Training BLOG 

Our YouTube Playlist HERE will have Sandbag Training videos  available for everyone.

Elevate your training with the White Lion Athletics 8-Handle Exercise Sandbag. Proudly designed and made in Winnipeg, this versatile tool is perfect for fitness enthusiasts seeking to enhance their functional strength and overall fitness. Constructed with heavy-duty nylon webbing and 1050D Cordura, this sandbag is built to withstand the toughest workouts, ensuring durability and reliability.

Why Choose Our Sandbag? Incorporating sandbags into your routine boosts functional strength, improves overall fitness, and makes daily activities easier and more efficient. This sandbag adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring you never miss a session, whether you prefer solo workouts or training with a friend. Target multiple muscle groups with dynamic exercises that challenge your stability and coordination.

Join the Movement: Embrace the power of functional training with the White Lion Athletics 8-Handle Exercise Sandbag. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to push their limits and achieve their goals, this sandbag is your reliable partner in strength.

Training Included

Sandbag Training Manual. This full colour training manual includes over 120 high resolution photos and training instructions so you safely train with your new sandbag.  There  It's emailed to you immediately after your purchase. Added bonus: there are links in the manual that you can click take you to the training video.

Sandbag Training Video Library. Over 70 training videos (3+hrs) that demonstrate and explain the Fundamentals. There are also 6 hours of full length training sessions.

There are links in the PDF and you will be emailed a passcode to access the library separately from the 24hrs after your purchase.

What's Included

  • 1 x 8 handle Shell Bag
  • 6 x Fillbags
  • Video Training Library: 70 videos and 6 hours of training sessions
  • Sandbag Training Manual  (Electronic PDF). 60+ page comprehensive manual detailing the execution of 65 exercises with over 120 high resolution photos.


Sandbag Shell: 1050D Cordura
Fill Bags:
1050D Cordura
Heavy Duty Velcro


Length: 26"


~10lbs sand/fill bag
~3.6lbs rubber mulch/ fill bag

Care Instructions

Hand wash by hand with warm soapy water.
Rise thoroughly with warm water.
Ring out by hand and dry with a towel.
Lay flat to dry.

Do not machine wash
Do not dry clean
Do not iron
Do not put in dryer
do not pressure wash or powerwash.

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  • Versatile

    Some of the beneficial design features of the sandbag include its large shape and shifting weight load.

    When introduced into any exercise it, increases the demands for stability, delivering better results.

  • Strength in numbers

    Bring sandbags into your own training or group training scenarios and you will see well known exercises become new again because of the challenges that the sandbag brings to them.

  • Carry the weight

    Don't underestimate the benefits of introducing sandbags into your carries.

  • Superior Durability

    Double boxed stitching and heavy duty webbing are the back bone of this rugged design

  • Rugged Design

    1050D Cordura forms the shell of the sandbag with its densely woven, high-strength nylon fabric. Woven in the classic 2 x 2 basket weave construction.

  • Simple Strength

    Training has never been easier. Keep the scenery changing and your focus unchanged.

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Made in Winnipeg 🍁

White Lion Athletics' 60lbs Adjustable Sandbag are designed and made in Winnipeg. We took a hand in every part of the process so no detail -or element of quality - was missed.

Full Spec Review

Bring it anywhere

Ruck with it or fill it when you get there. The sandbag is portable gym with hundred of exercises to challenge you and get you stronger.

How to fill your sandbag

Underestimated versatility

Do pull, drag or push on concrete and other abrasive surfaces. Do not throw or slam or use as slam bag. Read LIMITED WARRANTY for FULL DETAILS. Review our Limited Warranty  HERE

The weight of the White Lion Athletics' Sandbag depends on the density and size of the material used as FIll. Certain Fill material may cause the overall weight of the bag to be greater than (or less than) the estimated weight capacity of the fill bags. Due to the nature of the fabric and the directed use, the White Lion Athletics' Sandbags may expand over time with use.

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