Licorice Rope| Skipping Rope | Adjustable PVC Jump Rope | Black


Skipping Rope

Essential Fitness Accessory

Skipping is an affordable fitness option with amazing health benefits that only requires one piece of fitness equipment. 

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3 Amazing Benefits of Skipping you Never Thought of:

  1. Learning not to quit when task requires new levels of coordination and cardio vascular endurance.
  2. Learning not to take life too seriously when you don't pick up a skill for the first time.
  3. You can take your jump rope anywhere so the world is your play ground.

Licorice ropes are great for beginners to experienced skippers. Easy to learn, easy to transport. This is your standard skipping rope. 
Skipping ropes are fantastic for coordination, agility and cardiovascular training. Whether you're new to skipping or an advanced athlete, you will find that skipping will always have a place in your workout program. 

See our instructional videos for workout ideas with your Licorice Skip Rope.

Colour: Black
Handle Material: PVC

Length: 111" (handle-end to handle-end)

Package includes: 
1 x Licorice Skip Rope

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