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Soft Lacrosse Ball (Set of 2)- Effective & Easy to Use

Soft Lacrosse Ball (Set of 2)- Effective & Easy to Use

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These massage balls are not as hard as actual lacrosse balls and this makes them ideal for working plantar fasciitis and sore muscles that are too sensitive for a regular hard lacrosse ball.

How hard are these soft lacrosse balls?

If you put one between your thumb and forefinger to squeeze, you will feel the ball compress. This is very different to our lacrosse balls which will not compress at all if the same pressure was applied.

Product Specs

 Number of balls: 2   Ball Dimensions: 2.6" High
1 Carry Bag

Density: Medium


EVA Foam


2.5" high each

Care Instructions

Balls: Wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.
Carry Bag: Handwash. Towel dry off excess water. Lay flat to dry/

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How hard are they?

Side-by-side, you can see the difference in compression between our hard lacrosse ball (black) on the left and the soft lacrosse ball (red) on the right.

The more the ball can compressi when force is applied, the more comfortable the massage will be. This is especially important for sensitive aress such the bottoms of sore feet (or those with plantar faciaitis); glutes and rotator cuff muscles.

how to roll your feet

Do it anywhere

  1. Choose to stand or sit. Sitting allows for better pressure control and limits maximum pressure.
  2. Place the soft lacrosse ball under the foot's arch. Apply gentle pressure and roll from the ball of the foot along the arch to the heel. Then, roll in the opposite direction from the heel to the toes. Repeat.
  3. Apply pressure slowly and be aware of discomfort. Avoid sharp or unbearable pain by reducing pressure or using a softer object like a foam roller or tennis ball.
  4. Perform 1-3 minutes per foot.

Use togther

Base of your neck

Keep the balls in their carry bag apply direct pressure on them in areas such as the back of your neck.

DO NOT roll on the balls while in the bag

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