Knitted Toque| Black | Winnipeg Winter Proof| Battleground Tested


Knitted Toque

Winnipeg Winter

Do you know how cold -53 Celsius is?

We do. It is awesome. It is even better wearing this toque.  

What's Winter anyway? It's just summer with snow.

 It's a toque. Not a 'ski hat'

Do you understand how good this winter proof, sweat wicking toque is?

This is has been battle tested in the coldest city on the Planet Earth, Winnipeg. If it can keep you warm in Winnipeg, it will likely fry the grey matter between your ears if you wear it too long in other climates!

Someone told us the logo is too big. 

Don't worry about it.

When you are the last one standing when the deep freeze hits, having a big logo on this fantastic winter proof, brain protecting, ultimate winterized toque will be the symbol of those that know how to choose their winter gear when hell freezes over!!

Knitted Toque

  • White embroidered logo
  • 100% acrylic
  • Stretchy with great shape retention
  • Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry

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