Steel Club Set: Club Strength (6kgx2;10kgx1 - In Stock Now)

Steel Club Set: Club Strength 

With an established base of strength and familiarity with Steel Clubs, this Steel Club Set will be welcomed into your training ! 

If you are new to Steel Club training but have a history of consistent strength training, you may find this to be challenging entry point with most noticeable demands being placed on your grip strength. Proceed with caution and checkout  this set first.

The set is designed so that you might work your up to using both 6kg Steel Clubs and comfortably use the 10kg with two hands as well as single arm work.

If you're interested in learning more about Steel Club Training, check out  this article  and this one as well.

Steel Club training can be found HERE.  Establish a solid foundation with heavy clubs, and develop your own person practice . Your Coach is Coach Adam from Warrior Flow Fitness.

This course provides on the fundamental movements with progressions into more complex techniques such as the swipe, and mill. Whether you're new to fitness in general, or looking to expand your knowledge into the world of heavy clubs, this course will be of benefit to you. 


6kg Steel Clubs x 2

10kg Steel Club x 1

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