MINI BAND EXERCISE GUIDE - Optimize Your Mini Band Training

How to use Mini Bands in your training 

The Purpose of our Mini Band Training Guide: 

Mini Band placement during your exercises is key to getting the most benefit from our mini bands. A combination of Incorrect band placement and selecting the wrong resistance level can lead to poor results in your training and your bands snapping. 

Make your bands last longer and get better training results by equipping yourself with right information.

Appropriate band placement and exercise execution will improve your training experience and make your bands last longer. 

 Mini Band Exercise Guide Content:

44  High Resolution, color Images with In-depth explanations of 21 exercises:

  • Band Placement: Why Does It Matter and Why You Should Care
  • Which muscles are being trained
  • Suggested rep ranges and sets
  • Which bands to use
  • Progressions to make the exercise more or less challenging

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